BSidesOK 2018

BSidesOK 2018

Training: Wed-Thur, April 11-12th

Conference: Friday, April 13th

Glenpool, OK

About BSidesOK

BSides Oklahoma is a free information security conference focused on practical, hands-on training for improving security. Our featured keynote speaker will be Tim Medin of Red Siege.

Call for Papers

Our CFP for 2018 is now closed...
The Team is currently picking the talks from the excellent submissions. Hardest job we have because there are so many great talks to choose from. Thank you to those that submitted!


Registration is free and includes lunch and a t-shirt!

Walk-ins are welcome, but lunch and shirts are reserved for registed attendees first.

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BSidesOK is all about supporting the community and encouraging information security education. This year we're adding two whole days of low-cost security training! Pick a course & sign up today!
All classes will be 8am-5pm on Wednesday and/or Thursday, April 11-12.
Class sizes are limited to 25.
Paid members of ISSA, Infragard, & Techlahoma receive 20% off!!!
Email [email protected] for more details.

Introduction to Responding to Endpoint Incidents and Malware Discovery - $500 - 2 Day

Instructors: Michael Gough (Malware Archaeology)

Wednesday-Thursday (April 11-12) 8am - 5pm

Responding to an incident, malware discovery and basic analysis is an essential skill for today’s Information Security and IT professionals. This course focuses on how to discover if a system has malware, how to build a malware analysis lab and perform basic malware analysis quickly. The goal and objective is to respond quickly, obtain actionable information, and improve your Information Security program. Tools and techniques used and steps to analyze a system to determine if a system is clean or truly infected will be covered. The concept of Malware Management, Malware Discovery and Malware Analysis will be discussed with exercises linking the three concepts together.

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Pentesting 101 - $500 - 2 Day

Instructor: Tim Elrod and Lars Cohenour (Optiv)

Wednesday-Thursday (April 11-12) 8am - 5pm

Two experienced security consultants will cover performing basic penetration testing and how to produce repeatable results using a standard methodology. In this course, participants will use a test lab to gain hands-on experience applying each phase of the methodology.

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Digital Forensics Essentials - $250 - 1 Day

Instructor: Donovan Farrow (Alias Forensics)

Thursday (April 12) 8am - 5pm

This class is designed for individuals interested in understanding the basics of digital forensics and those who want to improve their incident response skills.

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Python for Pentesters - $500 - 2 Day

Instructor: Jason Gillam (SecureIdeas)

Wednesday-Thursday (April 11-12) 8am - 5pm

Have you ever been working on a penetration test, and encountered a problem for which there is no perfect tool? Maybe you know how to step through a test sequence manually but don’t have a way to automate it. Python is a versatile, cross-platform, well documented language with an enormous amount of support through pre-existing libraries. This makes it very useful for a variety of penetration testing tasks as well as everyday system administration. This course introduces intermediate Python concepts and libraries to the novice Python scripter in a series of practical lab exercises to solve common pentesting and appsec problems. Important: this class is lab intensive.

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Ethical Social Engineering Field Operations - $500 - 2 Day

Instructor: Aaron Crawford (Squirrels In A Barrel / The Insider Agency )

Wednesday-Thursday (April 11-12) 8am - 5pm

Learn the basics of social engineering and how to safely and ethically conduct assessments. Discover how to construct and conduct pretexts that evaluate policies as well as existing defenses. Find out how to expand your company’s current defensive posture by safely testing the most vulnerable component, the human.

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When ITS Sucking the Life out of You - Stress Management Workshop for IT Security Professionals - $125 - 1/2 Day

Instructor: Ed Eckenstein

Thursday (April 12) 1pm - 5pm

InfoSec is inherently stressful work. The lack of staffing, tension between security requirements and business needs and no clear wins create endless pressure and frustration. The shortage of experienced professionals only worsens when experienced professionals burn out and leave the industry.

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Intro to Threat Intelligence - $250 - 1 Day

Instructor: Monty St. John (Cyber Defenses)

Wednesday (April 11) 8am - 5pm

Defining Threat Intelligence (TI) in an understandable way can be frustrating. Every cybersecurity vendor and expert seems to have their own definition of what it entails. This course contains 12 labs to intensify a student’s introduction to TI. The course begins with a discussion of key concepts and principles and then builds to convey an understanding of how it fits in your company and when, where and how to use it.

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Commanding Yara - $250 - 1 Day

Instructor: Monty St. John (Cyber Defenses)

Thursday (April 12) 8am - 5pm

YARA is a powerful and free sleuthing tool that belongs in every threat, incident response or SOC team. It runs on any platform, is open source and is small enough to be an easy inclusion to any trusted tool set. Its ability to sift through data, identify files based on logic - not just by simple comparison but also via fuzzy logic - makes YARA pretty unbeatable. It can be used simply for insight on an isolated event or in sophisticated manner as part of an incident response or research laboratory.

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Navigating compliance for the IT Security Professional:
PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, FERPA, OMG, ABC, 123, #@&#....... - $500 - 2 Day

Instructor: Jonathan Kimmitt (University of Tulsa)

Wednesday-Thursday (April 11-12) 8am - 5pm

An interactive instructional session to help IT Security Professionals understand, process, and be successful with the variety of data privacy compliances within their organization.

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Where it’s at

Located at theGlenpool Conference Center in Glenpool, OK (Just southwest of Tulsa).

Official Conference Hotel - Holiday Inn Express Glenpool
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