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BSidesOK 2020

Oklahoma's Premiere Information Security Conference

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Glenpool Conference Center – 12205 S Yukon Ave, Glenpool Oklahoma

The BSidesOK 2020 conference with multiple infosec tracks is April 10th.

Training classes will be held on April 8th and 9th.

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  • April 10th

  • Multiple Tracks

  • Tech Villages

  • Tabletop Exercises

  • Lunch provided

  • Beer & liquors

  • Tea, Coffee, Water

  • Free Swag

  • Door prizes


Panel & Table Top Exercises

We’ll be hosting a top notch panel this year. Many important figures from around Oklahoma will be participating. Also, we’re proud to announce we’ll be hosting a tabletop exercise that’s not only new but engages you, the audience.

Training Classes

We’re pleased to offer several training classes. Several courses are geared for a hands-on experience meant to introduce students and professionals to the exciting world of offensive several. The others are meant to give an in-depth look at the defending a organization and the information systems. Plus, we’ve got Michael Gough coming, and that guy is just brilliant.

Tech Villages

Several tech villages will be making their return this year, inluding the College of Lockpicking, Hardware Hacking, and the Lego Kids. There’s even talk of an upcoming Capture-the-Flag, so stay tuned.

Classes and Trainers

We are pleased to provide several training classes ranging from intros to offensive security, to in-depth defensive analysis, to finally protective measures for your organization. We’ve got a little bit of everything here..


Our Team

Kristopher Wall

Web Application Penetration Testing

This course is designed to familiarize students with the basic methodologies of web application penetration testing and give hands-on experience exploiting web applications. Students will learn the common weaknesses that web developers introduce into web apps. From there, we’ll learn about chaining these vulnerabilities into a full fledged assault on a web application and their underlying infrastructure. This is a hands on course and a laptop will be required. We’ll go from the basics and into advanced detection methods using commonly available tool sets. To be clear, this is much, much more in depth than the OWASP Top 10.

Course Syllabus

Register - 2 Day Class

Nathan Sweaney

Network Penetration Testing

This hands-on course will teach attendees a basic methodology for network penetration testing. Students will walk through the phases of a test with demonstrations of various tools and tactics used in each phase. The course is heavily focused on hands-on labs so that attendees have the opportunity to actually use common tools and techniques. By the end of the 2-day training, students will understand the structure of a penetration test and have the experience necessary to begin practicing the demonstrated toolsets.

Course Syllabus

Register - 2 Day Class

Michael Gough

Malware Discovery and Basic Analysis

This course focuses on performing fast triage and how to discover if a system has malware, how to build a malware analysis lab and perform basic malware analysis quickly. The concept of Malware Management, Malware Discovery and Basic Malware Analysis will be discussed with exercises linking the three concepts together.

Course Syllabus

Register - 2 Day Class

Aaron Moss

Exploit Development

Exploit development is the process of understanding how software bugs can become application vulnerabilities, and how to write code to exploit these vulnerabilities. This quick two-day crash course in high-level exploit development will hopefully not only pique the interest of how exploits work under the hood, but also help you have a better understanding of why patching is so very important. This intermediate level technical course is targeted at penetration testers who want to take their skills beyond using someone else’s tools but is recommended for anyone who wants to learn about how to take a software crash to full system shell.

Course Syllabus

Register - 2 Day Class

Donovan Farrow

Digital Forensics & Finding Hackers

This course will take you from a the 101 perspective of digital forensics, to court, to corporate collections and how to find a hacker with a multi-tool kit of fun and open source skills.

Register - 2 Day Class

Jonathan Kimmitt

April 8th – Cyber Attacks Against the Organization

In this one-day class we will be covering the primary methods that an attacker might use against an organization. I will be performing and demonstrating live attacks against a mock environment and we will discuss what they are, how they work, and how to defend. The class attendees will see the attack and the results, and they will have opportunities to discuss the risk and security controls. They will also have the opportunity to perform some of same techniques to get firsthand knowledge and experience.

April 9th – Privacy Compliance for IT, Auditors & Leadership

In this one-day session the class will cover how an organization builds, implements, and evaluates a privacy program in the organization. We will cover the needs the organization, risks of non-compliance, and the process of building and evaluating the program. We will also discuss how Leadership, IT and IT Security can be part of the privacy program for the organization and what will be required to meet the various privacy compliances.

Course Syllabus

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We are pleased to provide several training classes ranging from intros to offensive security, to in-depth defensive analysis, to finally protective measures for your organization. We’ve got a little bit of everything here..


Code of Conduct

Everyone deserves to attend a learning event, community or professional, with a reasonable expectation of good behavior. The BSidesOK Team expects that while attending this conference you treat everyone with the love and respect you wish to receive. This applies to all attendees, speakers, volunteers, vendors, and anyone in between. We feel that if you do that, then this conference will once again run smoothly and we will all have a good time. Don’t be an ass!

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BSides Oklahoma 2020


April 10th, 2020


April 8th - 9th, 2020

12205 S Yukon Ave
Glenpool, OK, 74033